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New screendance ‘The thoughts that never forget’

Finally, here there is, the new screendance film shooted at Österlen, Skåne’s region in Sweden: ‘The thoughts that never forget’.

This is a work by Carla Bonsoms and Anna Borràs with the collaboration of the filmmaker Pelle Hybbinette and produced by Skånes Dansteater. This is a production within the ‘Moving Skåne’ framework filmed in 2017.


ARYO on tour this summer!

We are delighted to be finally presenting our last production which has been growing this last year.

An excerpt of ARYO as a “work in progress” has been shown at The Festival Costa Contemporánea 2016 in Cabo de Gata, Almería last September.

ARYO has began on December 2015. It’s a very special piece for the company; which we look so much forward to premier it this summer.

The performances will take place through out July. On Wednesday, July the 5th in Malmö stad (Sweden) at 15pm at Mobilia utomhustorg and 19pm at Flotten vid Paulibron.


On Friday, July the 14th at Auditòri del Conservatòri de Música in Reus at 19:30pm. On Tuesday, July the 18th at Centre Cívic Vil·la Florida in Barcelona at “Refresca’t” program at 20pm


and on Thursday, July the 20th at La Palmera in Tarragona at 22pm



We look forward to see you all there, to share this beautiful moments all together!

– We benefit to thank all people who has been working behind this production, helping out and to each of you who are making this happen. Is a huge merit to be having this unconditional support – 


Anna Borràs’ workshop at Espai Evohé

Next Saturday, November 5th will take place a 4h workshop of contemporary dance at Espai Evohé in Tarragona! Advanced level and for who has a knowledge in dance, brave to through himself and give it a go!

Besides learning new techniques in contemporary dance, we will be delighted and have the pleasure to learn some Company repertoire; from Anna Borràs Company! Do not miss it!

For all information about this workshop, please visit:


We wait for you all, sing up, we will have fun!

Photography credits: DansPXL // Arxiu Imac®


Cairo at the 24th Quinzena de Dança de Almada in Lisbon

CAIRO is one of the proposals for this year’s Festival at the 24th Quinzena de Dança de Almada in Lisbon (Portugal).

This Festival is been supported for so many different contemporary styles and companies to an international level. 

Cairo will be on the 20th of October at the Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite – Sala Experimental at 21’30pm. 

Cairo is an ensemble work by Jorge Crecis, Danilo Moroni, Eva Escribano and Beautifulnoise.

For further information about Cairo:



Enfilats for liTHE Company in Singapore

Catch ENFILATS in the upcoming LITHE 2016 at the Black Box in Goodman Arts Center, Singapore the 14th-16th of July!

ENFILATS is a brand new production from Anna Borràs Company which soon will come to light. This piece has been specially created for T.H.E 2nd Company so as the music. We are delighted to count with the collaboration of the unique and stunning Kailin Yong as a composer for ENFILATS!

We’ll soon give more details!




Cairo at the Avayava Contemporary Dance Festival in Pune, India

Next April will take place the Avayava Contemporary Dance Festival in Pune, India.

Cairo will be seen during the Festival so as there will be the chance to take some Workshops in charge of  Anna based on her floor work so as on the contact and partnering work. The work Anna is developing is relevant within physicality, precision and the delicate movements at the same time.

The Avayava Contemporary Dance Festival, is led by Swapnil Dagliya, which will run from the 7-10 of April while the classes will extend until the 13th of April between Pune and Mumbai.


ARYO at Indiegogo!

Here it is, a little excerpt of what would be our new production; ARYO.


Nowadays, contemporary dance is slowly starting to grow up. Is not only the fact of charming an ambitious audience, is to see, to know more about this dance style; we would like to encourage dancers to create and invest some time to explore into this land, so as musicians and other artists to do more pieces of art. This is nourishing us, it lets us keep on learning and to open several doors from unknown places which can be truly interesting.

This production apart to incorporate dance with live music, shows us the value of the different LOVE levels for which one goes through in a relationship so as relating this with the GRAVITY that there is between a body and another one, the FORCE and the VELOCITY within them.

“When is close there is less distance for this reason there is more strength, while when it’s far away the distance is higher, so is losing force”.

How quick time goes when you love someone, how quick and how slow time goes when you touch that person, touch, tact, pull.. alongside with this feeling of emptiness and fullness when this person is here and is not there, for this reason the strength/speed which gives and how influencies in our body this gravity.

The piece is been inspired in Akram Khan’s methodology work, starting from the roths of the traditional classic dance from the north of India: Katack. So, as mixing this with the different qualities and movement dynamics of what Anna has been enriching in recent years as a freelance dancer; a compact work, physic and continuous, without any final end.

Piece title: ARYO
Choreography-performer: Anna Borràs
Assistent of direction: Jorge Crecis
Lightning: Miquel Guirao Fernández
Graphic design: Neus Borràs Picó
Musicians: Marina Galán i Joel Fuguet
Costume designer: Montserrat Picó Armengol
Photographers: Carles Busquets, Clàudia Barberà, Marta Arjona, Mariona Olmos, Alberto Pérez, Júlia Gimeno, Tània Sala, Aleix Figueras, Arnau Castro and Helle Kettner.
Filmmaker: DansPXL Productora fotogràfica
Editing: Clàudia Barberà
Location: Roman Circ of Tarragona
Special thanks to: Jorge Crecis, Curtits Borràs, DansPXL, MW Photography, Centre de Lectura, Centre Cívic Valls, Centre Cívic Llevant Reus, Círcol de Reus, Circ Romà Tarragona, Conservatòri de Música de Reus, MHT and Tarragona Film Office
Duration: About 22 minutes
Mobile phone: 0034 605 478 143
Email: info@annaborras.com

We encourage you all to give the final push into our new production, what will be with all your help if you contribute to this campaign. Thank you so much for your unconditional support! Any help will give us another step to our project so as will be more than welcome and appreciated!


SIQ at Microdansa on the roofs of Barcelona

SIQ will be on the roofs of Barcelona, specifically at Barri del Raval. This has been possible and organized by Coincidències and Rotativa Performing Arts!

Here it is the entire information of the event which will take place the 20th and 22nd of May in Barcelona:

It will be a triple bill full of emotions, if you do not want to loose this great opportunity to watch some beautiful dance up in the sky of Barcelona, the roof is a good place to experiment this, it will be a nice evening! You can begin booking your tickets which includes a first drink!

Coincidències web: http://www.coincidencies.com/portfolio_page/microdansa-2016/


SIQ and CAIRO at Mueca’s Festival in Tenerife

La calle Puerto Viejo and la Plaza 3 de Abril will gather a workshop and six projects of Contemporary Dance and  Hip Hop. These productions are recent works made by different companies such as professional dancers. The spaces which will held the events and these dance projects will be at the Streets, The Streets of Dance from the Mueca Festival, an ideal place to let yourself trap by movement, so as even to express throughout the same.

Cairo will be shown on Saturday, 13th of May at 18:00pm (in front of the Plaza 3 de abril), meanwhile you will be able to watch SIQ on Sunday, 15th of May at 13:00pm at the Plaza 3 de abril.

Festival Mueca in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1127883987273837/


Next performance date at Sala Santa Llúcia in Reus

Next 30th of January at 21pm at Sala Santa Llúcia of Reus will take place a double bill leaded by the dancer and choreographer Anna Borràs.

This double bill will count on her acclaimed and awarded solo SIQ, in countries such as: Singapore, Germany, United States of America and Spain. CAIRO is the other solo this double bill will count with, this new recent production has been choreographed and created by Anna and the talented choreographer Jorge Crecis, internationally acclaimed around the globe. Cairo has been pre-showed at The Rich Mix Theater in Londres were his tour has just begun.

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