• Anna Borràs, Dance Artist, Choreographer

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Project by the dance artist and choreographer Anna Borràs in collaboration with the musicians Joel Fuguet and Marina Galán, in 2017.

This production incorpores a combination of dance and live music, it also shows us the value of the different LOVE stages which anyone can experience through a relationship being related to the GRAVITY that there is in the bodies, the STRENGHT and the SPEED on them.

“The closer it is the more force returned, as it gets further the strenght collapses and falls”.

“How quick time can be when you love someone, when you touch this person, when you pull..  Being empty or full is dictated by the presence of another. The closer the stronger the further the weaker. Our distance in return is manipulated by gravity”.

Additional information

  • Artistic direction, chorepgraphy and interpretation: Anna Borràs
  • Management: Cinthya Mendoza
  • Original sound composition: Joel Fuguet and Marina Galán
  • Lightining design: Anna Borràs
  • Graphic design: Neus Borràs Picó · www.diferentcreatiu.com
  • Costume designer: Åsa Gjerstad, Malmö Opera and Montserrat Picó Armengol
  • Photographer: Carles Busquets
  • Filmmakers and sound: Clàudia Barberà and Eloi Sánchez
  • Special thanks-support: Festival Costa Contemporánea (Cabo de Gata, Níjar, Almería), Conservatori de Música de Reus, Corriendo en el Balcón Productions, Ajuntament de Cambrils, Curtits Borràs, Niepce, Borràs-Picó and Galán-Rodríguez family, Joe Garbett, Jorge Crecis, Centre de Lectura, DansPXL, MW Photography, Centre Cívic Valls, Centre Cívic Llevant Reus, Círcol de Reus, Circ Romà Tarragona, MHT and Tarragona Film Office.
  • Duration: 18 minutes


Marina Galán
Marina Galán
Joel Fuguet
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