• Anna Borràs, Dance Artist, Choreographer

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The principle of reciprocity defines the specific interaction of psychical energy between human beings.

Reciprocity and anthropologically not only involve the physical and biological energies that obey the logic of contradiction, as attraction and repulsion, differentiation and homogenization. What is at stake fundamentally, are the results of mutual relativization between these forces. Are all our actions conditioned by the principle of reciprocity? Do we give in order to be given back? Or we act without expecting anything back? What legacy is left from the roman Do ut des?

Additional information

Choreography: Anna Borràs and Daniel Navarro (Indra Dance Company)
Camera and edition: Marta Arjona
Music: Zack Hemsey and Herman Kolgen
Supported by: Tarragona’s town hall and the History Museum of Tarragona
Special thanks to: Tarragona Film Office, DansPXL Producton
Location: Tarragona roman’s amphitheater

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Project Details

Finalist Utah Dance Film Festival 2015 2015 selection ScreenDance Festival Finalist FIC-CAT 2015, Roda de Berà Finalist 1st International Screening of Video Dance "Body in Focus", Portugal Official selection Dance Film FestivalUK 2015 Finalist Movies by Movers 2015, North Carolina (United States of America) Official selection Muestra de Movimiento Audiovisual, Mexico Official selection 9a Mostra Internacional de Videodança de São Carlos (MIVSC), Brasil