• Anna Borràs, Dance Artist, Choreographer

SIQ and CAIRO at Mueca’s Festival in Tenerife

SIQ and CAIRO at Mueca’s Festival in Tenerife

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La calle Puerto Viejo and la Plaza 3 de Abril will gather a workshop and six projects of Contemporary Dance and  Hip Hop. These productions are recent works made by different companies such as professional dancers. The spaces which will held the events and these dance projects will be at the Streets, The Streets of Dance from the Mueca Festival, an ideal place to let yourself trap by movement, so as even to express throughout the same.

Cairo will be shown on Saturday, 13th of May at 18:00pm (in front of the Plaza 3 de abril), meanwhile you will be able to watch SIQ on Sunday, 15th of May at 13:00pm at the Plaza 3 de abril.

Festival Mueca in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1127883987273837/

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