• Anna Borràs, Dance Artist, Choreographer

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Aperitifs show proves the importance of precision. The dancers and choreography is measured and investigated.

The piece suggests how things from when you are a child can and lose relevance once we grow up.

The duet involves a debate that needs settling however curiosity plays the main role and takes them into a new debate between space and bodies. Their final goal is the exact mesurament. Along witth this desire, both dancers dipped themselves into a deep and physical moral force. The piece is full of youthful curiosity trapped in a very formal setting creating a relatable feel within a juxtaposed world.

Additional information

Artistic director and photography: Cornelia Voglmayr
Choreography: Cornelia Voglmayr, Joe Garbett and Anna Borràs
Composer: Anthony Gustav Morris (www.agmdigital.com)
Violin: Kiril Kobantschenko
Viola: Aurore Cany
Cello: Florian Eggner
Vibraphone: Flip Phillip
Dancers: Joe Garbett and Anna Borràs
Duration: 10′
Special thanks / support: Jasmin Vardimon Company, Stour Centre Studios in Ashford, Kent (United Kingdom)

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Project Details

Aperitifs is a co-production of Cornelia Voglmayr, Joe Garbett, Anna Borràs and the city of Vienna, Austria. Created in 2013.