• Anna Borràs, Dance Artist, Choreographer

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Is the first production of Indra Dance Company, Contemporary Company founded by Daniel Navarro and Anna Borràs in Barcelona in 2010 where at present it is based in Reus and Barcelona.

Kuptim Run is a choreography that represents the daily life of all dreams, nightmares, images that will appear in a moment when you talk to someone, fantasies, with people or facts, the feelings you have towards music and what you mean to you at this present moment, or even made you feel before or will see in the near future. All you can imagine between this two individuals dancers, (individually and together) to another people who also observed which is what these people feel seeing them and hearing a noise, a melody or music or even the silence itself and the breath of each person in life.

Kuptim Run wants to do a tribute to our precious life. To let all our senses be there and use them, let them feel what they want and enjoy all of it and process the joy of all of it. Englobing all this into all the biggest dreams and fantasies we have all gotten through years.

Additional information

Artistic director and choreography: Indra Dance Company
Photographer: Beatriz Navarro
Music: Trentemoller, Luc Ferrari, The Flashbulb and Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dancers: Anna Borràs and Daniel Navarro
Duration: 9’ 09’’
Special thanks / support: Institut del Teatre, Estruch; Fàbrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu, Sabadell (Barcelona) and València city

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Project Details

Kuptim Run 1st prize at I Certamen Coreografico del Mar, Valencia in 2010, finalist and awarded to the LAVA prize at the X International choreographic Competition in Burgos-New York in 2011, and awarded in the Estruch Competition in Sabadell in 2011